Deceptive Environment

Automatic attack analysis and incident handling.

Deceptive Environment

ThinkMarble’s deception technology will provide your organisation with a decoy environment on your network, designed to lure attackers away from the real assets and into a deceptive environment, triggering alarms and automatic attack analysis and incident handling.

Why Choose Deception?

Early Warning System

Threat deception reveals attackers early as they look to conduct reconnaissance, steal credentials, and to move laterally in order to escalate their attack.

Easy to Deploy

Deception is a non-disruptive technology to set up. Deployment is out of band and agentless, empowering organizations to be up and running the same day. Credential deployment is fast and easy with a wide choice and variety of options.

Actionable Alerts

High fidelity alerts are based on attacker engagement with decoys, deception credentials or other bait. Each alert is actionable with attack details for prompt incident response.

Low Maintenance & Attention

Machine-learning is applied to create dynamic deception campaigns that simplify ongoing deception environment authenticity, refresh, and redeploy after a compromise is detected. Engagement-based alerts prevent false-positives, automated attack analysis and incident response actions remove operation burden.

Strengthens Overall Defence

Extensive 3rd party integrations accelerate incident response and reduce the mean time to remediation. Automations will accelerate blocking, quarantine, and threat hunting, while repeatable playbooks simply response.

How can ThinkMarble help?

A ThinkMarble engineer will install your deceptive environment, and our UK-based Security Operations Centre will manage it 24/7/365.

To talk to one of the team about deceptive environments complete the contact form below.

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