Data Protection Officer

We can act as the DPO for your organisation

Why you should have a ThinkMarble VDPO

We have combined our global Information Security experience with a dedicated in-house GDPR UK team led by a Data Protection Lawyer with over 30 years’ experience. This places us in a very strong position providing assessment, VDPO services, advice and guidance through the “Perfect Storm” of Information Security and GDPR

Who must have a DPO​

Public bodies and, in certain circumstances, private businesses.

Who should have a DPO​

The GDPR encourages all businesses to appoint a VDPO.

The GDPR Stipulations

  • The GDPR will require all organisations to put in place an accountability-based compliance framework for data protection and Virtual Data Protection Officers (VDPOs) will be at the heart of this new legal framework.
  • The GDPR requires a DPO be appointed on the basis of professional qualities and, in particular, expert knowledge of data protection law and practices.
  • A striking feature of the GDPR is the requirement for the VDPO to report directly to the “highest management level”.

ThinkMarble are in a unique position of being able to offer end-to-end Cyber & Information Security solutions to all sizes of organisations. 

The combination of our products and services are unparalleled, including our easy-to-use GDPR Assessment Portal which identifies any gaps in your current or ongoing GDPR planning and implementation.

ThinkMarble also offer a range of other Information Security Products and services ranging from vulnerability assessment of your organisation to a fully managed 24x7x365 Security Operations Centre which is monitored by our team of Cyber Security specialist.



Data Protection Lawyer

Highly-skilled, UK lawyer-led, team of specialists

Retained Service

Fixed cost retained service


Expert knowledge of data protection law and practices


A 'one-stop shop' for all your data protection needs


Integrity and high professional ethics


Bound by secrecy and confidentiality


Independent in role and tasks


Facilitates compliance and helps create a competitive advantage


Intermediary with information commissioner’s office (ICO)

Key Role

Plays a key role in fostering a data protection culture

Strategic Advisor

Strategic advisor on the responsible, effective and innovative use of personal data


Help with GDPR implementation and compliance


Comprehensive regular reports advise on appropriate data security measures and risk mitigation

Cost Effective

No need for expensive in-house data protection staff with monthly payments with no large up-front costs

How can ThinkMarble help?

ThinkMarble will provide your organisation with a named Data Protection Officer. They will, with help from their team, inform and advise you about your obligations under the GDPR and other EU & UK data protection provisions, provide advise about personal data breaches, monitor your compliance, and liaise with the ICO.

Find out more by using the contact form below.

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