Phishing Awareness

Our flexible Phishing Awareness solution provides insightful and informative user testing & education to strengthen your cyber-security defences.

Did you know that 91% of successful data breaches started with a spear-phishing attack?

Here's how it works:

IT pros have realised that simulated phishing tests are urgently needed as an additional security layer. Today, phishing your own users is just as important as having antivirus and a firewall. It is a fun and an effective cybersecurity best practice to patch your last line of defense, your users!

Find out today what percentage of your employees are Phish-prone™ with your free phishing security test.

Step 1.

Immediately start your test for up to 100 users (no need to talk to anyone)

Step 2.

Customise the phishing test template based on your environment

Step 3.

Choose the landing page your users see after they click

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What is Phishing

Phishing emails are fraudulent attempts to steal information or infect the computer you are using with malware. An important way to protect yourself is to learn how to recognise a phishing email attempt.

Those easiest to spot pretend to come from sites, services or companies that you don’t recognise nor have accounts with.

Harder to identify emails appear to come from well-known organisations that you may have an account with. They often ask for a range of information, from usernames and passwords, to credit card numbers or other useful information.

The most sophisticated attempts will utilise personal information, lending them much more credibility.




Engaging awareness materials and resources

Real Vulnerabilities

Train employees in a positive and encouraging manner

Phishing Attack

Templates mimic prolific phishing attacks


Analysis of risk level and weak spots within your organisation


Bespoke communications and phishing templates

Clear Message

Learners able to identify and mitigate phishing attacks effectively

Comprehensive Reporting

Whale & Spear phishing assessments

Audit Trail

Comprehensive audit trail to assist in compliance of standards


Pre and post-campaign progress assessment


Monitor improvements and quantify campaign effectiveness

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