TITAN simplifies Security providing 24/7/365 peace-of-mind against cyber-threats to your business, and releases valuable time back to your IT support team.


The financial and reputational damage inflicted on businesses by current cyber threats is huge. Early detection is vital.

The resources needed to proactively identify daily attacks can place huge strains on your IT support team.

Implementing a successful cyber security strategy is also time-consuming and expensive. From hiring and training qualified security personnel through to sourcing and maintaining the most up-to-date technology.

TITAN: from ThinkMarble is a fully-managed Cyber Security Information and Event Management solution. With it, we provide Enterprise level detection and response to the SME market. It combines advanced intrusion detection technologies, the latest threat intelligence, and a fully-staffed 24/7/365 Security Operations Centre (SOC).

As a virtual extension of your technology infrastructure, TITAN: relieves pressure on your internal IT team or Managed Service Provider.

“Our business thought we were secure until ThinkMarble provided us with their services. Within 24 hours they highlighted over 200 vulnerabilities in our infrastructure and helped us mitigate an attack we were oblivious to.”

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Head of IT

Fast response times

In the event an incident becomes critical, you become our top priority. Within our 24/7/365 Security Operations Centre, our highly skilled and experienced Cyber Incident Response Team will coordinate with your business to mitigate the incident’s effect, and get you back on your feet.



Advanced Cyber Security Threat Detection and Vulnerability Assessment solution


Individual Host and Network Intrusion Detection (HIDS/NIDS)


24/7/365 Behavioural Monitoring of data and network traffic flow


Security Information and Event Management Logging & Reporting


Fully extensible architecture providing the ability to constantly enhance and improve your cyber-security



Significantly reduce information security risk, enhancing Partner and Client confidence


Thwart the latest sophisticated threats that outdated detection systems may miss


No need to recruit and train expensive in-house Cyber Security professionals


No large upfront costs


Low per-user, per-month Operational Expense payment


Enterprise level protection that costs less than hiring just one Cyber-Security engineer


24/7/365 Security Operations Centre staffed by highly skilled and certified security experts

Behaviour Management

Preventative security measures are often unsuccessful, especially with dynamically changing malware/ zero-day exploits.

Understanding data patterns flowing around your network is key when evaluating system behaviour. For example, large amounts of data sent out-of-hours to an unidentified destination could indicate suspicious activity.

Upon installation, TITAN: immediately starts monitoring data patterns, baselining a ‘normal’ environment.

When this information correlates with service availability monitoring, our Security Operations Centre will have a full picture of network anomalies.

Key Components of Titan

  1. 24/7/365 Security Operations Centre (SOC):

    ThinkMarble SOC staffed by highly skilled and certified security experts constantly monitoring your network

  2. Advanced threat detection:

    Advanced threat detection enables a significantly improved assessment than anti-malware alone

  3. Reduces IT security strain:

    Significantly reduces the cyber-security strain currently placed upon your IT support team

  4. Security Information & Event Management:

    Advanced platform including the latest Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

  5. Host asset management:

    Monitoring and logging of network assets allowing the detection of rogue devices attempting to connect and infect

  6. Reduces IT vulnerability and patch management assessment workload:

    Substantially augments existing system and software patch management for your IT support team

  7. Extensible Architecture:

    TITAN: has been built with extensibility in mind. Using this flexible approach allows us to extend and expand the extensive capabilities of TITAN: without requiring additional hardware

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